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Colorado Springs physical Therapy

We provide individualized patient care while treating you and your loved ones like family. We treat a variety of impairments, attempt to reduce pain, and improve mobility. We aim for the restoration, maintenance, and promotion of optimal physical function. We will create a unique plan that is created for your long term health goals. We offer services to assist with various orthopedic conditions, chronic pain, balance and gait, generalized weakness, neurological dysfunction, and developmental disorders.


  • 2

    2 Months

    • Begins trying to lift head while laying on stomach
  • 3-4

    3-4 Months

    • Push up to their elbows while laying on stomach
    • Rolls from stomach to their back
    • Hold their head steady unsupported
    • Brings hands to mouth
  • 5-6

    5-6 Months

    • Rolls in both directions
    • Begins to sit without support
    • Lays on stomach and pushes up to hands
  • 8-9

    8-9 Months

    • Crawls
    • Sits unsupported
    • Can pull themselves into standing position
    • Stands, holding onto a support
  • 12

    12 Months

    • May stand alone
    • May begin taking a few unsupported steps
    • Walks along furniture “cruising”
  • 18

    18 Months

    • Walks independently
    • Climbs stairs
    • Faster steps taken (beginning of running)
    • Pulls toys while walking
  • 2yrs

    2 years old

    • Stands on Tiptoes
    • Begins walking fast (mimics running)
    • Climbs onto furniture without help
    • Walks up and down stairs
    • Throws ball
  • 3yrs

    3 Years old

    • Climbs well
    • Runs easily
    • Walks up and down stairs (one foot on each step)
    • Kicks a ball
  • 4yrs

    4 Years old

    • Able to hop
    • Stands on one foot <2 s
    • Catches a ball
  • 5yrs

    5 years old

    • Skips
    • Able to balance on 1 foot for <10 s


Advantages of swim in the water:

Creates Real-Life Applications

Through activities performed in the water, trained therapists can help an individual apply what they learn in the water to real-life situations they may experience every day. These activities can also strengthen the individual’s body while also working to improve things such as their motor and social skills.

Provides a Fun, Motivating Environment

Swim therapy does what traditional therapy typically can’t accomplish: fun and motivation. By making learning fun, someone with unique needs will look forward to their therapy sessions and want to improve, because of the fun rewards. They also have the opportunity to partake in group activities which can create some healthy competition while exercising with social skills.

Allows Rehabilitation in the Ideal Environment

Regardless of the need, water has been shown to be one of the best environments for body rehabilitation through the weightlessness and soothing effect on the body. Water can decrease stress, reduce muscle spasms, and even encourage better focus.

Provides a Leisure Activity

Swim therapy is one way to enhance a an individual’s quality of life. It’s important to be interested in recreation and enjoy leisure time.

Adult Orthopedic Conditions

Our site is under construction but will be available soon:


  • Sprain/Strain
  • Whiplash
  • General pain
  • Disc Injury
  • Radiculopathy
  • Stenosis
  • Muscular Tension
  • Abnormal Posture
  • Abnormal Muscle Tone
  • Arthritis

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We accept many insurances including Tricare and Medicaid.

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